Peppermint Parlor

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around my house! I have been preparing for this year’s whimsical theme for quite some time, so it is exciting to finally see it up! I originally decided to do Elves and Candy, thinking everything would be red and green. As I started looking and shopping, I… Continue reading Peppermint Parlor

Christmas Unwind

As much fun as it was to decorate and celebrate, the inevitable always happens…..Christmas decor must come down. It goes faster taking things down than putting them up, but the excitement and thrill of the season is definitely missing. To keep it more interesting, I took inventory of everything I used to give you an… Continue reading Christmas Unwind

A Christmas Tradition

I started this Dept 56 collection when I returned to the USA from living in Austria in 1991. It started with just the church building. Over the years, the collection grew. One year I was able to take advantage of a shop owner retiring and selling, at a great discount, all of their display accessories,… Continue reading A Christmas Tradition

I’ll have a Blue Christmas Part 2

In Part 1, I shared how I established the theme and decorated the Dining room. To carry the theme of Blue, Gold, and Angels to the rest of the house, I start in the Great room. I adorn the fireplace mantel similarly to the Dining room, but with some variations. A small canvas of the… Continue reading I’ll have a Blue Christmas Part 2

I’ll have a Blue Christmas Part 1

Tired of Red and Green Christmas? Time to try Blue! Over the years I have done different themes using blue as the color. The tendency is to mix blue with white or silver for a cool (as in temperature or color wheel) winter look. This year I wanted the color to evoke a rich, elegant,… Continue reading I’ll have a Blue Christmas Part 1

Building a Floral Inventory

My floral inventory for seasonally themed decor didn’t happen over night. With each season and over the years, I have added where needed. Sometimes, I even need to purge and replace. Quality My overall goal, when combing the basic elements and focal floral stems, is to achieve an elevated look. When it comes to florals,… Continue reading Building a Floral Inventory

Fresh Cut or Artificial Christmas Tree?

Which tree should you get – fresh cut or artificial? Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, my answer used to be an immediate “absolutely fresh cut” tree for Christmas. It was what I had known my entire life and you could look around and find a Christmas tree farm not too far away. There is… Continue reading Fresh Cut or Artificial Christmas Tree?