Tamara Peterson

It has been a long journey in learning how to express the creativity inside of me. Growing up on the west coast, I started at the early age of 8 as a musician. I pursued my gifting and creative expression through music finishing college with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Trumpet Performance from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. I started my adult life living in the city of music – Vienna, Austria. I was enthralled with the elegance and lavishness of concert halls and palaces – not just the architecture and furnishings, but the floral decor too! Without realizing it at the time, I was learning the art of presentation.

When I moved back to the USA, I went from city small apartment living to a house in the suburbs. After a dental procedure gone awry, I was no longer able to play the trumpet and found my creative expression stifled. Needing a new creative outlet, yet having no training or experience in décor or floral arranging, I started where I was comfortable. Having always enjoyed Christmas décor, I started decorating by theme – choosing a color scheme and a décor focal point. And with Christmas coming only once a year, I started expanding my themed décor to other seasons. I learned and now love expressing my creative self through seasonal decorating.

I hope you join me and learn how to express your creative self through your seasonal décor!

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