Winter Wonderland

Layers of white and crystal with white animals create an elegant yet whimsical Winter Wonderland!


Known as Carnival around the world, “Fasching” is German for the winter celebration. It is the time before the Christian season of Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday and is a period of preparation for Easter Sunday. Until about 100 years ago, Fasching started on January 6th (Epiphany). These days, the official start of Fasching… Continue reading Fasching

Christmas Unwind

As much fun as it was to decorate and celebrate, the inevitable always happens…..Christmas decor must come down. It goes faster taking things down than putting them up, but the excitement and thrill of the season is definitely missing. To keep it more interesting, I took inventory of everything I used to give you an… Continue reading Christmas Unwind

A Christmas Tradition

I started this Dept 56 collection when I returned to the USA from living in Austria in 1991. It started with just the church building. Over the years, the collection grew. One year I was able to take advantage of a shop owner retiring and selling, at a great discount, all of their display accessories,… Continue reading A Christmas Tradition

Christmas Prep

This year’s Christmas decor will be Blue and Gold with Angels. The full article, I’ll Have a Blue Christmas, will be released after Thanksgiving, but I thought I would give a little teaser of what is to come! Large floral arrangements will flank the dining room fireplace, bringing the tree decor theme into this room.… Continue reading Christmas Prep

Variations on a Theme

For my Fall into this Dining Room post, I focused on the tablescape – floral and decor theme. You can choose different color napkins or placement with various folds to create different emphasis. You may not have specialty themed dinnerware, flatware or glassware, so I thought I would show some variations on the theme. The… Continue reading Variations on a Theme

Building a Floral Inventory

My floral inventory for seasonally themed decor didn’t happen over night. With each season and over the years, I have added where needed. Sometimes, I even need to purge and replace. Quality My overall goal, when combing the basic elements and focal floral stems, is to achieve an elevated look. When it comes to florals,… Continue reading Building a Floral Inventory


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