Butterflies & Bunnies

As much as I love my previous Spring decor, after using it the last several years I was ready for a new look. I wanted something fresh and bright and decided to go with white vases (large and small), white dishes, and white glassware. For dramatic color, I decided on a series of floral arrangements, each being monochromatic but together creating a rainbow effect down the center of the dining table with butterflies and bunnies adding a bit of whimsy. I sourced most of my florals from Afloral.com, with a few from Zgallerie and Michaels. As always, I took advantage of end of season sales last year.

My granddaughter Rhealynn was visiting from Tennessee and she is creative and appreciates theme decorating. Although I was still waiting for some of the elements to arrive, I thought this would be an opportunity to bond over our mutual interest. I was happy to have an assistant and she was excited to help her Omi change the decor theme!

We started by clearing the table and placing the mirror squares down the center as a runner. It connects the individual elements and the mirror nicely reflects the light and floral colors. Rhealynn placed the silver chargers and white plates for me. I had butterfly salad plates to mimic the floral colors and Rhealynn set those out, making sure the yellow butterfly was at 3 o’clock. I was so proud of her for understanding that details matter! Later, we placed individual salt & pepper shakers (with silver caps), white wine glasses, and white napkins folded into a rose. Not wanting to hide the beautiful butterflies on the plates, we set the napkins on the table top.

Then we started working on the floral arranging, starting with the large vase at the center of the table. Because blue flower choices are limited, they were mixed with purple: Bearded Iris, wild iris, blue berry branches, caspia, cornflower, allium, tulip, dahlia, dianthus, pansy, and wisteria. Rhealynn would hand me each flower stem and together we would decide where it should go.

Next, we worked on the pink arrangement: King protea, protea bud, ranunculus, rose, dogwood, viburnum, dahlia, pom pom mum, bouvardia, and sedum. The white butterfly vases for this color had not yet arrived, so I used a bowl in the meantime. Rhealynn had such a good eye letting me know where we needed to fill in! I enjoyed sharing with her that I was self taught in flower arranging. I explained to her that I learned by not being afraid to try. I encouraged her that there is no right or wrong, so just try something and if it doesn’t work out, take it apart and start over. I also showed her how, when possible, I coil the stems instead of cutting them, allowing me to use them differently in the future.

After the large pink arrangement was finished, we continued by working together on the small vase arrangements. The orange vase was really fun. Although it is a small vase, the large tropical flowers added drama. Balance to the arrangement was achieved by offsetting the direction of the larger stems – bird of paradise, hibiscus, and real touch rose. Keeping it sparse with a single orange protea and a couple coral cosmos let the flowers speak for themselves. A large orange butterfly fills a space on one side, and a small butterfly sits on the other side to entertain guests from all angles. The yellow arrangement is small and simple using billy buttons and buttercups filling the space between a single small sunflower, ranunculus, and poppy.

After Rhealynn left and the butterfly vases arrived, I rework the pink arrangements and add some finishing touches to the blue and purple arrangement. To fill the empty spaces in between florals, I place white celestial votives and white bunnies holding moss eggs. Later, I decide to move the small burgundy flower arrangements to the fireplace mantel.

On the side chests and table, large white vases and flowers echo the tall center table arrangement. I change the hurricane candles to blue. Keeping scale in mind, large moss bunnies are perched on the side chests and fireplace mantel.

At night, the celestial votives cast reflections of light onto the mirror tiles.

The theme carries into the Great Room. On the chest, an extra large white vase filled with fig branches provides a touch of purple, and at the base (with a few gingko leaf branches), blue florals burst from a small white vase. On the mantel, a large moss bunny, a small white bunny, and more florals of purple. (I simply add the purple stems to the regular arrangement of tall green filler stems and hydrangea.) On the ottoman, a small touch of yellow and orange florals pop behind another white bunny. The room pillows and candles are changed to blue, and a floral accent pillow and throw repeat the multiple colors of the theme throughout the space.

On the dinette table, a tall butterfly vase is full of pink florals and another accent pillow on the backless couch brings blue and purple flowers to the area. A few butterflies flit around a towel on both dishwashers. In the Kitchen, a white bunny rests beside orange and yellow florals, and more butterfly dishes are displayed in the oven cabinet. Soaps, candles, and napkins continue the theme throughout the rooms.

In the entry, floor vases flank the front door filled with fig branches. I will be honest with you, the branches were not as robust as I had hoped, so I added some ginkco branches already in my inventory. In the living room, decorative orbs of green, silver and gold rest in the vessel on the coffee table. A small white vase with yellow florals and a couple white bunnies provide hints of the theme to the accent tables. More fig branches (and additional greenery branches) offer height and a touch of purple to the corner of the room. Finally, a mixed color floral arrangement sits amongst a votive candelabra atop the wine cabinet, and is visible from all directions walking through the home.

I had a lot of fun designing this look and seeing it come to life as I worked with each element. Bunnies and butterflies could lean toward kitschy, but using high quality florals, repeating white in vases and dishes, and the predominantly monochromatic arrangements helped me keep the look clean and elevated. And, although all the white is a more modern take on decorating, I think it integrates well with my traditional eclectic style. All things considered, the beauty of seasonal decorating is it doesn’t have to be the perfect look for your home’s architecture and furniture style for all eternity. It is just for a few months of the year so have fun and try something different!

After the black and gold of last season’s decor theme, it is refreshing to have so much color. It brightens my spirit and brings a smile to my face to see pops of color in what is otherwise a neutral pallet in the home.

Consider trying a new look this Spring or start preparing for a new look for this Summer. It can revitalize your home and even your mood to change your decor with the seasons!

Join me on this seasonal decorating journey by following my Blog, and come back soon to see how I tweak last year’s Summer Bee Theme!


  1. Wow, “spring has sprung” beautifully at your home! 🙂 I love the colorful vases of gorgeous color. Since blue is my favorite color, it makes me happy to see “blue bouquets.” That’s hard to do, as you mentioned.

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