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TIP: Where do I start? When planning décor or a tablescape, I first choose the theme – a color scheme and décor focal point.

TIP: If you are just beginning and staying on a budget, start with what you have and build upon it each season. Start with a placemat or a charger. If you can do both, all the better. I tend to buy solid color placemats and chargers to allow the pattern to come from the dishes or decor and to keep flexibility for future themes. full article

TIP: Always consider the sightline of your guests. You don’t want your table décor to limit all conversation!

TIP: You can use less expensive fillers and branches most of the time, but when choosing floral stems, you won’t regret finding higher quality items both for elevated finish and product longevity.

TIP: When designing a decor look, remember the importance of scale. Even if your room is small, a few large pieces bring drama and theme impact to a space.

TIP: To cut down on clean up when painting the galaxy wall, I used 12×12 squares of cardboard as painter pallettes for all of the various colors. full article

TIP: Stabilizing a tree means more than just setting it properly into the base. The taller trees need some kind of anchor at height to the wall. I learned the hard way not to skip this step. After spending days decorating the tree using beautiful and fragile glass ornaments, my slumber one night was harshly ended with the sound of a crash and breaking glass.

TIP: Use lighted branches when finishing the top of a tree with a floral arrangement. I have them in brown for the green tree and white for the flocked tree.

Tip: Consider changing the pillows on your furniture to match your theme color. And always have your present wrappings coordinate as well!

TRICK: I can’t invest in higher quality stems and then limit their future use by cutting them. Luckily, I have a few tricks: Coil the stem. It actually adds dimension and character, and helps to fill space! Bend the stem. I find that in most arrangements the stem ends aren’t obvious or distracting. Again, they help fill the space. Remove the stem. This isn’t possible on all florals due to construction, but when it is, I do it! I then use different length floral picks to arrange the flower head low. full article

TIP: If it is not in your party budget to hire professional caterers or servers, consider hiring local high school or church youth to help you plate and serve the meal you cook for your guests. It is a great way to “scale up” your event, and at the same time, help local youth gain experience and make money! Years ago, I cooked a similar Austrian menu and hired high schoolers to help me serve and clear throughout the evening. The same goes in regard to live music. Check with local high school music departments for talented students looking for paying performance opportunities. There are many young piano players or guitarists who could provide lovely background music. full article


  1. Hi! This is Leah Aiken, you met me and my family (Greer (husband), Walker (daughter), and Bo (Son)) right before ratatouille on Friday! It was so nice to meet you guys! I love your website and all of these fabulous decorating tips and ideas! I hope the rest of your trip is wonderful!

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