Christmas until February?

After spending all the time and energy designing a Christmas theme, sometimes it is nice to figure out a way to transition it to a winter look. This theme is simple in concept – the color scheme is red & gold and the decor focal point is poinsettias. What makes this special and fresh is the scale of the floral – the large poinsettias bring drama and contemporary to an otherwise traditional Christmas theme.

TIP: When designing a decor look, remember the importance of scale. Even if your room is small, a few large pieces bring drama and theme impact to a space.

The table centerscape is relatively simple. Layered ribbon gives depth as a runner and connects the individual elements. The overall height remains low, accentuating the drama of the central tree.

The theme is carried through the house and to the Christmas tree.

To transition to a Winter look, simply remove the Christmas elements (wreaths, greenery, ornaments) and change the floral poinsettias to roses. Note the change in plates and the napkin folds.

Decor Sources: Poinsettias – Afloral, Artwork – Great Big Canvas, Ribbon – Michaels and Hobbylobby, Gold Manzanita tree – Frontgate

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