Christmas Unwind

As much fun as it was to decorate and celebrate, the inevitable always happens…..Christmas decor must come down.

It goes faster taking things down than putting them up, but the excitement and thrill of the season is definitely missing. To keep it more interesting, I took inventory of everything I used to give you an idea of what it takes to achieve the look on this year’s tree.

So, as a reminder, the theme was Blue, Gold and Angels.

I used a pre-lit Vickerman 10′ tree. There was only a small area at the back, probably 1/8th, that was left undecorated. The following numbers are just for the tree. Additional ornaments were used on the fireplace mantel and garland, and in the Dining Room.

Total Tree decorations used:

427 gold ornaments:

30 Angels/cupids 4 sizes; 17 Instruments various finish; 53 Glass gold balls 3 sizes; 22 Unique glass, Mercury glass ornaments and finials

Shatterproof: 12-Vickerman large gold glitter pine cone ; 15  Vickerman 11” gold glitter finial; 35 Onion, finial, teardrop, special; 135 Various sizes/finish Balls; 11 Extra large; 10-Glass gem encrusted teardrop, onion; 65-Icicles; 22-Mirrors balls 2 sizes

12 ornament rotators

29 Vickerman blue ornaments:

6-4” Midnight Blue flocked durian ball; 3-7” Midnight blue flocked drop finial; 3-10.5” Midnight blue flocked finial; 13-6” midnight blue matte onion drop; 4-14” midnight blue matte finial

Vickerman Floral: 

8-14” Blue Pearl glitter poppy flower; 18-20” Blue Poinsettia 14” flower 

Other floral:

13 Blue various floral stems; 11 Crystal gold floral stems; 19 Gold various floral stems; 3 Led stems multi branch

Wired Ribbon:

20 yds D. Stevens 4” sequence gold ribbon for garland; 15 yds D. Stevens 4” embroidered gold ribbon for half bows; 30 yds 4” Blue velvet ribbon; 3.5-16’ Raz Gold beaded garland tape

Now you know how to prepare for next year’s tree!

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