Christmas Prep

This year’s Christmas decor will be Blue and Gold with Angels. The full article, I’ll Have a Blue Christmas, will be released after Thanksgiving, but I thought I would give a little teaser of what is to come!

Large floral arrangements will flank the dining room fireplace, bringing the tree decor theme into this room. Floral arrangements will also bring elegance and height to the room.

TRICK: The blue floral stems originally had silver highlights. I used gold glitter glue to change them to gold. Yes it was a little work, but I was not able to find dramatic blue and gold flowers that I liked as well as these.

To create these arrangements, I start by cutting floral foam to fit the 27″ gold vase and attach with floral clay. As these arrangements back up to a wall, they have a definite front and flat back. I want the blue stems to be the focus, but I have a limited number. I decide to group them together at the base of the arrangement to give more weight and color impact to the arrangement.

Remember, I am not a florist and have no training in arranging flowers. I do have a concept in mind, so I just start placing the stems, knowing I can change it at any time if it doesn’t look right.

I first place the Vickerman 20″ Blue Pearl Glitter Hanging Foxglove stems to get the drop that looks right and feels balanced for the height of the vase. I place them evenly along the front half of the vase, remembering the back is against the wall. If this arrangement were to be viewed from all sides, I would use 5 stems evenly spaced.

TIP: Design Principle known as the “Rule of Threes” which says that things arranged in odd numbers are more appealing, memorable, and effective than even-numbered groupings.

Next, I place the two large Vickerman 14″ Blue Pearl Glitter Poppy Flowers. These are so large they fill the entire front half at the base of the arrangement.

I finish with the Vickerman 17″ Blue Pearl Glitter Poinsettia Flower front and center just above the poppy stems. These are so large and dramatic, one is enough!

Now that the blue stems are in place, I start filling with the gold stems. I use a variety of different size and textured leaves to bring interest to the arrangement. I start with the stems to define the center height. Then, on the lower right and left sides to establish the width behind the blue base. Then I fill in for a balanced and full look. The last stems I place are at the back to fill in behind and give more depth and fullness to the overall look.

These blue flowers were more expensive, but their size allowed me to use fewer of them in the arrangement. The large scale flowers add impact or drama, and elevate the less expensive gold leaves and stems. Plus, it seems different than a typical arrangement, which makes it more interesting to me.

The arrangements are finished. Once I place them in front of the mirrors in the dining room and finish the table and mantle decorating, I may decide to add something, but for now they are done. And, one less thing to do after Thanksgiving!

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