Variations on a Theme

For my Fall into this Dining Room post, I focused on the tablescape – floral and decor theme. You can choose different color napkins or placement with various folds to create different emphasis. You may not have specialty themed dinnerware, flatware or glassware, so I thought I would show some variations on the theme.

The above pictures show what a difference napkin color and placement makes. For me personally, if I have a salad or accent plate with a central design fitting the theme, I don’t like to cover it with the napkin. I usually opt to place the napkins to the right of the knife or in the glass.

These next pictures show place settings using more traditional dishes, flatware and glassware. The napkin color choice and placement change where the eye will focus.

For me personally, if I do not have a salad plate with a central design, I usually prefer to place the napkin on the plate to add interest to an otherwise blank area.

Remember to start with what you have and add when and where you can. Over time, you will have the elevated seasonal look you want!


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