Summer is BUZZING

As I cleaned up after a party, I took the opportunity to change out the May Black & White look to the Summer seasonal decor. I cleared the table and cleaned the glass. You will see in the background of the following photos that I didn’t actually put everything away. I get so excited to start the new decor theme that I put the “work” aside for awhile.

A few years ago, I decided to develop a new Summer Decor look. I thought black, bright green, and gold would be a good color palette with Bees as the theme. I started by using what I already had and over time developed the theme by adding new pieces to refine the look.

I start by setting Black placemats at each seat. Then, using what are intended to be placemats, I layer green Monstera Leaves down the center of the table as a runner. I then place in the center a brushed brass & glass Hurricane candle holder. I place a 3×6″ lime green pillar candle and then pour in black River Pebbles. I place four glass vases equidistant from the center, allowing room for two brushed brass and glass candlesticks. I then add black River Pebbles to the vases. Next, I place the brass bee figures staggered down the runner.

I replace the Large silver candlesticks on each side chest with Large gold candlesticks and replace the white pillar candles with lime green. Then, I fill a glass vase with black River Pebbles and place a brass bee figure.

Next, I build the floral arrangements. I start with a pre-made tropical greenery bundle (I purchased these on clearance at Pier1 when they were going out of business). If you can’t find a bundle, you can build several stems of leaves and succulents together. I bend the stems for the optimal height. (I don’t worry that the stem ends show, as they will be covered by the rest of the florals.) I then place a green aster flower followed by an allium. I bend a green cymbidium orchid stem and place from center out and down, and then place another aster high center. (I purchased these floral stems 10 years ago, so they are no longer available. What I like about them is they are so real looking. They are a thick foam or rubber instead of thin silk, so they look nice up close.)

I then start to build the florals in the glass vases along the table runner. I start with an orchid stem, with the stem coiled, then place the aster and allium. I finish with a small branch of green berry stems.

Using a larger glass vase for the side table, I again start with the tropical greenery bundle, leaving the stems straight for maximum height. I again place the aster and alliums. I use two larger orchid stems, one going up tall and one bent flowing down for asymmetrical look. I fill in at the back with more pebbles to better stabilize the greenery bundle. I finish by placing a single succulent low to fill in the space. NOTE: I used the rule of three – 3 asters, 3 succulents, and overall an odd number of elements.

Now it’s time to work on the table place settings. I start by placing a gold charger on the placemat. Then the black edge Honeycomb dinner plate followed by the Bee salad plate. For drinks, a gold edge Lenox crystal wine glass and a black glass stemless water glass. I found mine really inexpensive at Target several years ago. They are no longer available, but you can find similar here. I use black flatware and gold capped personal salt & pepper set to finish the place setting. I recently found brushed brass hexagonal napkin rings that are reminiscent of honey comb (these are no longer available at Pottery Barn, but William Sonoma has similar). I pull a lime green napkin through and place it at an angle across the salad plate.

As a final touch, I bend two orchid stems and set them inside the center Hurricane around the pillar candle and place two brushed brass and glass candlesticks on the Fireplace Mantel. I also add smaller brass bees to the floral arrangements. NOTE: I have more small brass bees, but I restrained myself from cluttering up the look.

Finally, I clean up and put away the previous seasonal decor. I love the contrast of the bright green against the black. I am now ready for summer!

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