What’s Old is New

Don’t miss the article I was featured in: “What’s Old is New: How to Decorate your Home with Antiques”

Designing your home can be one of the best ways to express your personality and flair (as well as changing your Seasonal Decor). While there are countless styles and places to buy furniture, there is something special and one-of-a-kind about styling your home with antiques. Whether you own a classic Tudor style house on the east coast, (or a Tudor Revival on the west coast as I do) or you rent a modern apartment in Seattle, WA, decorating with antiques can tie your space together.

To help its Readers get started styling their homes, Redfin reached out to me for my best advice on how to decorate a Tudor home to bring it to life. Here is what I shared with them: 

Don’t be afraid to mix styles

There are various ways to approach furnishing a Tudor Revival home. You can be literal to the time period using antiques and a European point of view, or you can use an eclectic design approach. I personally use a mix of Traditional, European, Mediterranean and a touch of Modern to my décor. Overall, there’s a drama and an ever-changing interest to the home. Mixing metals in my fixtures, hardware, finishes and décor does not give a definable era to the home or the updates, but rather a sense of timelessness. My seasonal décor works well within the framework to achieve a variety of looks within the traditional setting. – Tamara Peterson, Projects by Design “

Here is a look at the current décor around my Tudor Revival home as an example of mixing styles:

Her closet behind built-in Shelves secret door

His closet behind Barn Door

Be sure to check out the full article so you can get more ideas on how to add a special touch to your home!

What’s Old is New: How to Decorate your Home with Antiques

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