Take Your Time

Some people like things right now, and some are willing to wait. When developing a theme, if you want instant gratification, go ahead and buy the whole look! If that isn’t your way, you don’t have the funds, or you don’t like everything matchy-matchy, enjoy the journey of accruing pieces over time!

When developing a new theme, I usually find one item that jump starts the look and use what I have on hand to come up with a new seasonal decor theme. Let’s use the summer Bee Theme as an example:

In 2020, I found and purchased the large brass bees and dragon flies. I found the green placemats and those determined the accent color. I had a lot of gold and black dishes and decided to pair that with the green: Black placemats, gold chargers, Lenox Eternal dinner plates and Lenox black accent plates. I already had the rectangle glass vases and florals. I had a large glass pedestal urn to use for the table center and glass hurricanes for the sides. I purchased the square glass vases for the side chests and table and black rock filler for all of the arrangements. I ordered the bright green napkins and used crystal napkin rings I already had to finish the look.

In 2021, I found the Bee dinner and salad plates. By using water glassed I already had, I brought in more black. I had accidentally broken the center glass pedestal urn, so I had to shop around for a new centerpiece. I found the brass and glass hurricane which worked nicely with the brass and glass candlesticks I already owned. I also added black flatware I purchased for this and other looks. For the kitchen and living areas, I added tea towels and marble with brass bee picks and coasters.

In 2022, I replaced the crystal napkin rings with hexagonal gold napkin rings. I found some small brass fitting bees to add little touches on the arrangements. I removed the dragon flies from the dining room. I had the new chair pads made in black. To bring the bees more into the rest of the house, I purchased the tea set from the Bee dinner pattern and found some stunning pillows!

All this from a brass bee decor accent piece. As much as I personally like instant gratification, using what I already had allowed me to better develop the theme, keep it eclectic, and fresh year after year! Who knows what next year will bring?

Have fun and take your time developing a new seasonal look!


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