Fun with Chairs

As I looked through my past decor looks, I realized my dining chair fabrics did not always work well with the themes. While I love the fabrics and they coordinate and repeat throughout the house, the arm chair fabric especially can distract or compete with the dining room decor or theme colors. After considering the Fasching Black & Gold decor, the Spring Black & White look, the Summer Black & Green Bee theme, I realized black chairs would really work well in the room.

I looked at buying new chairs, but the cost and logistics of storing 10 to 12 chairs when not in use discouraged the idea. After first considering chair covers, I decided to have a second set of seat and back cushions made. The construction of my chairs allow me to easily switch out the seats with just three screws and the back pads tie on.

I was fortunate to find the upholstery fabrics at JoAnn‘s at 40% off with additional discount at checkout! When I calculated the yardage cost, I decided I could stay in budget and get additional contrasting fabric for the armchairs. As I thought about the upcoming Christmas theme, I realized red armchairs would be nice, too!

I now have a variety of options: gold with 4 patterned armchairs; all black chairs; black with 4 patterned armchairs; gold with red armchairs; gold with black arm chairs; black with red armchairs.

Before & After

If you want to freshen your dining room look, consider Fun with Chairs! Depending on the structure of your current chairs, you can make chair covers or a second set of seat and back pads. It will be less expensive than buying new chairs and you will have variety when decorating!

Be sure to follow my blog to see what chair color works best with the Fall Decor Theme!


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