Fall Transitions

In my last post Autumn Leaves, I suggested checking back for more Fall decor touches around the house. Here you go!

After finishing the Dining room look, I went into the Living room, Great room and Kitchen. In the living room, the transition was as simple as adding a sunflower pillow and filling the large vessel with various gold and bronze orbs and black pumpkins. In the Great room, I changed the arrangement in the large vase to the left of the fireplace. I love these large faux branches – I used three. The colors are gorgeous and the scale works well in the space. The shell orb usually sitting there was replaced with a gold sphere. I continued the use of black and glass pumpkins and other florals used in the dining room to bring continuity throughout the home. I brought in deep colored apricot orchids instead of the white or green from spring or summer. The entire space now feels warm and cozy with rich fall colors.

In many areas, Fall is hunting season. In Austria, my ancestral origin since 1723 and where I lived for several years, the restaurants gear their menus to fowl and wild beasts hunted during the season. With this in mind, I added another element to transition the Fall decor look into Thanksgiving. I purchased these beautiful Pheasants last year at Zgallerie.com with a hefty after season discount. They were available again this year but are currently out of stock. I have the option of using the turkey salad plates as well.

I first tried the Pheasants on the fireplace mantle, but it felt too busy and distracting. I decided to move them to the side chest arrangements. Although they are different sizes, I like the balance they give to the room in that location. Which do you prefer? Let me know in your comments!

Never be afraid to try different elements and various placements as you decorate seasonally. Remember to have fun and play around!

We recently purchased a new Balocoloc Venetian mask on our trip with friends to Walt Disney World for the Food & Wine Festival. You can spot it hanging in the last photo. We have bought many of our masks from Balocoloc. Not only do they contribute to the Venetian theme of the Dining room, they are also beautiful hand made works of art and reminders of our trips together. Visit La Gemma Elegante at the EPCOT Italy Pavilion or their store in Venice to see them in person!


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