Black & White

We are hosting a dinner for our son and his wife with their guests next month. I wanted it to feel different than our usual decor and thought a Black & White theme would be fun.

When designing the look in my mind, I wanted a simple and more modern look, so I chose big and bold vases and florals. I started by clearing the table of the Spring look and giving the glass a clean.

I left the mirror tile runner down the center of the table. I placed a black vase on each chest in front of the mirrors. Next, I placed three vases on the table. At first I tried all the same small white vases, but I didn’t think it would give enough height and drama. So, I switched the center vase out for a large black vase with white and black florals – I actually grabbed this arrangement from the upstairs guest bedroom. I then placed the crystal candlesticks alternating with the vases. They were handy as I used them in the Spring look.

Next, I worked on the floral arrangements. I started by adding a black canna leaf to each white vase, turning it down sharply. Then, I added one black magnolia stem and one white magnolia stem. I also added a black magnolia stem to the center vase and a large white palm leaf to each black vase at the mirrors.

I decided the white vases needed a little more, so I added one white canna leaf.

Next, I worked on the black vases. I started with two white palm leaves and one black canna leaf turned down, but it just didn’t look right. So, I tried two black canna leaves turned down and one black palm leaf and one white palm leaf. That looked right to me.

Don’t be afraid to try different placement and combinations of your floral stems. That is the beauty about faux florals – they can be manipulated!

I used another white vase to create an arrangement for the other side of the room on the side table. As it is a white wall, I opted to use black palm leaves and one white magnolia stem.

Satisfied with the florals, I started assembling the place settings. I used a large square porcelain charger as a backdrop. I have black and white dinner and salad plates. I wanted to create some extra interest, so I layered them with white dishes, alternating at each place. I also put out the black wine and water glasses.

I finished by placing the individual salt & pepper shakers and black flatware. I used black napkins tri-folded and hanging long between the salad and dinner plates for a clean and elegant look.

It was actually a really quick and easy transition from the Spring look to this Black & White decor. I hope you are inspired to try something big and bold and Black & White!

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